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A thriving, vibrant and harmonious Pacific Islands


A thriving, vibrant and harmonious Pacific Islands community in South Australia.

Our mission

As the peak body of the Pacific Islands communities of South Australia, the Pacific Islands Council of South Australia Inc. aims to unite, equip and empower its members to grow and develop to become prosperous and successful communities that fully participate as Australians.

Goals and objectives

PICSA focuses on the following strategic objectives:

i. To develop robust systems and processes that will enable each organisation to adequately (effectively and efficiently) govern and manage its community and ensures its sustainability.

ii. To develop, encourage and maintain collaborative relationships within the Pacific Islands Community and the wider South Australian communities.

iii. To influence and provide quality contribution to government policy on the needs and priorities of Pacific island communities.

iv. To facilitate and support community driven development and initiatives that build on social, economic and cultural capital.

v. To contribute and participate in National and international projects and initiatives that benefits the Pacific Islands and Timor Leste region.